Cracking the Code of Reels
(No Dancing Required!)

Leverage Reels, Shorts & TikTok to Increase Your Visibility and Grow Your List

In this free, one hour workshop, you’ll discover the strategy you need to increase your visibility and grow email list Using Instagram Reels

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Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable and really helped guide me in the best way to get started.

I highly recommend her to others looking to get started or those who want to ramp up their social media and video content.

Lucia Steeg

Lucia Steeg

You’ll walk away with:

  • 3 Keys to Creating Scroll-Stopping Instagram Reels
  • How to Get Viewers to Take Action
  • Ideas For Your Next 7 Reels

BONUS: You'll actually create an Instagram Reel in the class


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Andrea Stenberg video marketing mentor

Meet Andrea Stenberg

Andrea is a video marketing strategist, helping you explode your visibility and get new clients using video.


If you don’t know what to say, hate how you look and are intimidated by the technology, Andrea helps you quickly and confidently make client attracting videos.


Stop making it up as you go along and start using a proven video strategy to attract new clients.


An award-winning blogger, Andrea’s experience includes:

  • helping a student land a major client from one short video,
  • creating a marketing campaign that generated $1.3 million in sales in a single year
  • growing a client’s Facebook page by 361% 
  • being in the top 5% of most viewed LinkedIn profiles

It’s free. It’s happening March 30th.

These aren’t “next level” strategies that only a pro can handle. These are straight-forward, practical, applicable, (but powerful) tricks anyone can use to generate traffic.

This program is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Meta Platforms, Inc. Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger. All logos and trademarks pertaining to the Meta family of apps and services are wholly owned by META PLATFORMS, Inc. and its affiliated companies. Andrea Stenberg does not work for Facebook. Andrea Stenberg is an independent contractor and CEO of Andrea Stenberg Consulting.