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  • Does posting to social media take too much time?
  • Want to generate new subscribers, followers and leads?
  • Dreaming of being the go-to expert in your industry?

Creating Social Media Posts Can't Be An Afterthought

You can’t just make it up as you go along or post when the mood strikes.


It also doesn’t work to purchase a bunch of pre-made generic posts and schedule them out for the next year, walk away and forget it.


What you need is a strategic plan that takes into account you, your personality, your expertise and what you sell. It also needs to speak to your ideal client.


You need posts to:

  • Attract attention of your ideal clients
  • Show off your expertise and knowledge
  • Let your ideal clients get to know the person behind the business
  • Show your followers what you sell, how it will help them and how to buy from you.

Here's What's Included:

“Save Time & Sell More Formula” Training

Foolproof Themes Planning Training

Simplified Visual Branding Training

Step-by-Step Content Repurposing Training

  • Visual Branding for Social Media Checklist
  • Comprehensive Content Calendar Spreadsheet
  • “Hashtag Growth Mastery” Training
  • “Repurpose Like a Boss” Checklist

Customer Reviews


Andrea is very knowledgeable and patient while explaining social media to people who have little to no experience. Great for local business owners.


Andrea was very patient with me when explaining social media to me. I was literally a blank slate and she made it seem so easy. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get their business on social media. Thanks Andrea

Butchart Estates

Andrea is the experienced professional you want to help take your business to the next level. She's brilliant, charming, talented, helpful and a consummate professional. I've worked with many marketing professionals in my career  and Andrea is really top-drawer talent. 

Frequently Ask Questions

When is the course?

You have instant access to the course when you purchase.

Will this really save me time?

By taking a few hours now to plan out your content for the rest of the year you'll save time because you won't be wasting time figuring out what to post. And because you'll have the right content strategy, you'll get more mileage out of the time you take creating your posts.


Additionally, the Step-by-Step Content Repurposing Training will make sure you have a plan for getting the most out of every post you do create.

I like to create posts based on what's happening now. Can this course still help?

Absolutely! You don't need to create or even plan every post for the rest of the year. But you do need a strategy to ensure you're creating the right type of posts, so you're building know, like & trust and then telling people how to buy from you.

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