Stop being the best kept secret in your industry

Use video + the RIGHT strategy to generate leads and sales

You’re amazing at helping your clients. You just need to let the world see that.

But …

You don’t have the time (or the desire) to make random content for social media. You need real results.

That’s where I come in!

If you’re ready to be the go-to expert in your industry you MUST stop blending in

Getting 💖 and 👍 are nice but they don’t pay the mortgage.

You need content that actually gets you leads and sales.

Working together we’ll create

  • A magnetic personal brand 
  • A tailored video content calendar 
  • An authentic engagement strategy to convert viewers into leads, calls and sales

Hi I’m Andrea

Welcome to the crossroads where your business journey meets video marketing mastery. ISince 2005, I’ve been turning marketing challenges into success stories. My secret? Embracing the power of video to showcase the true essence of entrepreneurs like you.

Your Journey to Video Confidence

From overcoming my own camera fears to helping you shine online, my path has been all about making video marketing approachable, effective, and fun. 

In the Spotlight: Featured Appearances and Conversations

how we can work together

Video Action Plan course

Video Action Plan

A self study course so you can Plan, Promote, and Present Your Next Live Video in Just 5 Days

Camera Savvy Coaching

A bespoke coaching/mentoring program to make video the foundation of your marketing, not just an afterthought. Let's have a conversation about whether this is right for you.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Is your LinkedIn profile bland, outdated and actually repelling prospects? This self-study course will elevate your personal brand on LinkedIn

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