An Audience of Buyers

Attract an audience of buyers
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You don’t need to go viral and have a million viewers or even followers. Those are “vanity metrics”. I.E. it may be cool to be able to say your post got one thousand likes but that won’t pay the mortgage.

What you really need is a smaller, more targeted audience of people who need what you have to offer, know that they need it and are actually motivated to get a result and are ready to pay for the help to achieve that goal.

In other words, you need an audience of buyers.

In this conversation with Christine Campbell Rapin we talked about what an audience of buyers looks like, what mistakes so many entrepreneurs make when trying to find new clients and finally, what it’s like when you can consistently find those unicorn clients.

(watch the video or scroll down to read my summary.)

In the slow lane

Christine talked about how far too many entrepreneurs are focusing most of their marketing in the slow lane. This is where you focus your efforts on people who know about the issue you solve but it’s not really urgent for them. They don’t feel like it’s important to solve or they think they can figure it out themselves without any help.

This is the slow lane because you spend a lot of time:

  • convincing them the problem is important,
  • then convincing them that they have the problem,
  • then convincing them they need help solving the problem,
  • and finally convincing them that you are the person to help them solve the problem.

Whew! I’m tired just typing that.

And while Christine and I didn’t discuss this during our conversation, there’s another danger of working in the slow lane and having to convince people to buy.

Early in my career I met with a business owner who said, “Andrea, convince me I need to be on social media”.

I did the song and dance sharing statistics, facts, case studies and examples. I “convinced” him that he needed to do social media marketing.

He hired me to come and train him and his team.

The problem was, although he was convinced, he wasn’t committed.

Even though I created a custom social media strategy for his business and taught his team how to implement it, because it wasn’t a priority. they never actually implemented any of it.

We both walked away frustrated.

The medium lane

You’ll be happier in the medium lane because here people understand they have the problem. They may have spent some time looking for a solution. But they’re still at the stage where they believe they can figure it out without help.

This is less time consuming than the slow lane because you have fewer things to convince people of before they can buy. But you’re still needing to convince them.

The fast lane!

This is where you really want to be with your marketing. You end up talking to people who:

  • Know they have a problem
  • Feel like they’ve tried everything for free
  • Believe they need some professional help to solve their problem
  • May have already been looking for someone to help them

You can see that when you’re talking to people in the fast lane, your conversations are much easier. You’re not trying to convince them of anything.

You just need to show them how you can help them.

Your sales conversations are easier and go much more quickly.

That’s what happens when you create an audience of buyers, not an audience of slightly interested people.

Want to know more.

Of course you do.

Christine has a new free gift as part of my Attracting High Ticket Clients Giveaway. You can grab her gift Build an Audience of Buyers With 2 Free Resources To Create Consistent Client Growth along with a ton of others when you sign up today.

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