What’s Possible When Coaches Use Video Marketing

video marketing for coaches
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The great Zig Ziglar said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

The same is true of your marketing. You wouldn’t attend one networking meeting and say, “There, I completed networking.”

But if you acknowledge that your marketing activities take time to bear fruit, how do you know if a particular marketing activity is worth investing your time in?

What’s possible?

Let’s look at video marketing. What is actually possible to achieve with your videos?

This week one of my clients, a business coach, had an amazing result from her live videos.

It didn’t come from her first video. Not even her 10th.

In fact, she was very resistant to making videos. I was a little surprised because she’s an excellent speaker. Video should have been a natural marketing activity for her.

She was reluctant to do videos for the same reasons we all are:

  • She was intimidated by the technology
  • She hated how she looks on camera
  • She didn’t know what to say

Not as hard as she thought

Eventually she was ready to try her first Facebook live video and discovered it wasn’t as difficult as she thought:

It's easy to go Live on Facebook from your mobile app
It’s pretty easy to go Live
  • The technology was actually pretty simple,
  • She didn’t look as bad as she feared (she looked pretty good in my opinion)
  • Because we’d planned out what she was going to talk about ahead of time the content went smoothly

She kept at it, doing about two videos a month.

Gradually she got more comfortable. She began to get more engagement.

By taking consistent action she got better at presenting on camera, got more clear on her message. Eventually she started getting opportunities to speak to other people’s audiences.

Her breakthrough

Then just this week she had a big breakthrough … one that has an impact on her bank account.

She spoke at a virtual event. 150 people who watched her speak signed up for her email newsletter. Four people booked calls and she made one high-ticket sale.

All because she got started.

Take the next step …

Are you ready to take the next step? It all starts with a conversation. Book your complimentary Get New Clients With Video Call today.

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