Get Massive Results This Quarter

Get Massive Results
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If you read my previous blog post, you know I’ve been participating in Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge and getting amazing results. That’s why I was so excited when he agreed to let me interview him for the blog.

You can change your life

The interview is only about 28.5 minutes but Gary shared some really valuable stuff. In fact, from about the 9:50 mark to about 12:15 Gary said something that blew my mind and caused a major paradigm shift in my thinking.

He said you can change your life. It requires a short period of time, a focused mindset and executing like you never have before.

Then he talked about thinking about how he can take his annual income and turn it into his monthly income.

Wow. I realized I’ve been thinking too small and that has completely changed! I went from thinking I might be able to triple my income from last year but now I’m thinking 10 times.

The thing is, it’s not pie-in-the-sky dreaming. In the short time it’s been since I interviewed Gary, I’ve come up with several pieces of the plan to get me there.

And I am so energized, excited and happy about how much work it’s going to take because I’m going to be getting massive results.

So please, listen to the interview. Then if you’re interested in joining me for the 100 Day Challenge for the next quarter, or just want to learn a little more go to

Here’s a special discount group code that you can use to save $50 on your enrollment.
Group Code:   group97

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