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Edition 185 of the Blogging Boomers Carnival is online at Fabulous After 40. Fabulous After 40 is the creation of The Glam Gals – Deborah and JoJami. They write about how to continue looking great as you age.

Baby Boomers who blog

For those new to The Blogging Boomers Carnival, we’re a collection of bloggers who write about a variety of topics related to baby boomers. As boomers ourselves, we are also writing about what interests us. Each week, one of our members takes turns playing host to the Carnival. Everyone submits their best article for the week and the host posts links from their site.

Readers can participate by visiting the Carnival host and reading the articles and leaving comments.

This week’s Carnival includes articles about how boomers are changing the rules of marketing, sexuality as we age, Thanksgiving disasters, auto show previews and why New Yorker’s have increased their life expectancy.


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