What Does it Mean to be “Authentic” in Your Marketing?

Be authentic in your marketing
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What does authenticity in your marketing mean?The word authenticity is often and bandied talking about marketing and branding. But far too often people are left wondering what exactly this means as it relates to their social media marketing.

For me defining authenticity takes me back to the idea that all marketing is about getting people to know, like and trust you. When you’re not being authentic to yourself it comes across in your marketing. People sense that you don’t truly believe what you’re saying. When people sense this, their level of trust in you decreases.

So how does this apply to your marketing? Let me give you an example.

I knew a business consultant who was also a psychic. She used her psychic abilities as part of how she helped her clients. However, she didn’t talk about this in advance. She was worried that talking about her psychic abilities would make people think she was nuts. She knew that many people would roll their eyes and walk away from a business consultant was a psychic.

On the other hand, because she didn’t talk about her psychic abilities she kept attracting clients who were not interested in psychics. She found it difficult to work with them because she had to keep part of her process and herself secret. It made her marketing working with clients difficult.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself in your marketing

I suggested that she change tactics. That she should talk about her psychic abilities in her marketing. Yes, she would drive away people who don’t believe in psychics, but people who do would want to work with her.

She tried this and an amazing thing happened. When she mentioned her psychic abilities she found people whose eyes lit up and wanted to know more. These people were excited to become her clients and she had much more fun working with them. People who didn’t believe in psychics and didn’t want to work with one went elsewhere.

As a result she now had a practice full of people who loved her, liked what she does, and were fully engaged in her process. She had an easier time creating her marketing materials, an easier time attracting new clients and was having much more fun.

So the point is to be who you are. If you try to sound like everyone else you will disappear into the background at best and worst drive people away because their level of trust is diminished.

You should never be trying to market to everyone. Figure out who your ideal clients are, the people who are most likely to want to work with your particular skills and idiosyncrasies and market to them.

Andrea Stenberg

How are you being “authentic” in your marketing? How has that helped in attracting clients? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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