3 Reasons You NEED TO PLAN your 2022 marketing ahead of time

3 Reasons You NEED TO PLAN your 2022 marketing ahead of time
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If you want 2022 to be an epic year for your business you have to stop “seat of your pants marketing”. You can’t just pull it out your ass any time you want to do marketing. You need to plan.

In this post I’m sharing 3 reasons why you need to start your marketing plan now if you want to create an Epic 2022.

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is the idea that you can only make a certain number of good decisions a day. For example a study in Health Psychology found that nurses make less efficient and more expensive decisions about patient care the longer they work without a break.

Barack Obama famously eliminated trivial decisions (like what to wear) from his day to free up his mental energy for more important, presidential decisions.

How does decision fatigue apply to you and your business?

In any given day you have a ton of decisions to make from what your clients need, to when to return phone calls and emails to which bills need paying.

If you wait until after all those other decisions to decide:

  1. Whether you’re going to do marketing today
  2. What exactly you’re going to promote
  3. Then you have to decide where you’re promoting it

By the time you actually get to creating the post or video or ad you’ve run out of steam. Odds are you’re not going to engage in marketing today or it won’t be effective.

By taking time to plan your marketing ahead of time your first three marketing decisions are already made. You just have to follow the plan. 

Planning ahead increases the chance that you’ll actually do the marketing and you’ll probably do a better job at it as well.

You can be more logical and strategic with your marketing

The old adage of marketing is The Rule of Seven – your prospects need to see your message at least seven times before they will buy from you, or even remember you.

But you don’t want them to see the exact same message each time. You also don’t want to be jumping around and confusing your message. You want to show them different pieces of the message and move them logically through a journey until they’re ready to buy.

Whether it’s an email to your list, a paid ad or a social media post some of the messages you’ll want to include are:

  1. The problem you client has and why it’s bad
  2. How the problem might be worse than they think
  3. Your personal experience with the problem
  4. Other areas of their life or business impacted by the problem
  5. A case study of a client who was helped by you
  6. Some personal stories of how your own life is better because you solved the problem for yourself
  7. Testimonials from happy clients
  8. Teach your audience something related to the problem
  9. Behind-the-scenes of you helping others with the problem.

You’re less likely to drop the ball

When you’re doing a major promotion there’s a lot of moving parts and they all need lead time to be completed. 

If you don’t have a plan in place there’s a good chance you won’t give yourself enough time to complete all the pieces. Somewhere along the way you’ll either miss an important part or do it badly.

For example, before you launch and promote a new product there are a lot of things that need to happen. These might include:

  1. Creating a new sales page. 
  2. Creating photos, graphics and copy for the sales page. 
  3. Start Facebook ads before the launch
  4. Run engagement Facebook ads to warm up your audience before you start the promotion
  5. Write your nurture emails to your list
  6. Create a new lead magnet to attract prospects for your new product
  7. Write a nurture sequence for your new leads
  8. Plan your social media posts, videos and reels

By planning ahead you can figure out how much time each item on the list needs in order to be completed and who is going to do the work. You can then work backwards from your launch date to ensure you start the process with enough time to complete every task.

Ready to create your Epic 2022 plan but want some help? Sign up for my Create Your Epic 2022 Call now.

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