What to Say On Live Videos Part 2:

What to say on live videos: be a smarty pants
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Show Off Your Expertise

To figure out what to say on live videos you first need to think about your overall goal.

Ultimately your goal is to grow your business, but a single video isn’t going to do that for you. You need a strategy to get visible, then to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience and then you can ask for the sale.

In my previous post I talked about how and why you need to get personal on your videos so your viewers can see the person behind the business.

Today I’m talking about showing your expertise. It’s not enough to tell people you’re an expert or list your qualifications. No one really cares plus it’s boring.

What you want to do is SHOW your audience how much you know. Let them see that you’re knowledgeable about your industry. You are an expert.

You’re not yet talking about your products and services or what you sell. You’re continuing to build that know, like and trust  by letting people see what you know.

You want them to watch the video and start thinking “wow, if this is what she shares for free, what kind of value am I going to get if I actually hire her?!?”

You’re building your credibility, establishing yourself as a thought leader and wowing your audience with how much value you’re providing.

In my Social Media Content Recipe Book I include 46 different ways you can show off your expertise.

Today I’m sharing three ways to show off your expertise because it’s more than enough to get you started.

Teach Something

Show off your expertise by teaching something to your followers. There are two ways you can approach teaching something.

An Easy Win

You can teach something quick and easy that your audience can implement right away, so they get a quick win.

For example, I have an Instagram Reel that shows 3 Ways to Shoot Video Without a Tripod. People can pick one of the suggestions and implement it right away. It’s an easy win.

High Level Strategy

The second way to teach is to share a high level strategy. This lets your audience see the bigger picture about the topic. They walk away with a deeper understanding of the importance of the topic, how it applies to the overall subject and hopefully why they should care.

Today’s training is a little more like that because I’m not teaching you everything you need to know about creating a video. You’re not learning about setting up a camera, how to set up your lighting or how to actually write your script, I’m teaching about the strategy of showing off your expertise.

Interview a Complimentary Business Owner

Second way to show off your expertise is to interview a complimentary business owner. A complimentary business is one that serves the same types of customers as you but isn’t a direct competitor.

Why does that help? Because you’re bringing in another expert, some of their expertise rubs off on you. You’re also showing your audience that you’re not just a one woman band; you’re willing to bring in other experts to add to your knowledge.

Examples of complimentary businesses:

  • A chiropractor you might interview a nutritionist. Both businesses are concerned with health but from a different point of view.
  • A realtor might interview a handyman and talk about quick home repairs a homeowner needs to complete to get their house ready for winter. You’re providing value even if someone isn’t ready to sell their home today. It lets them see that you care about more than the commission.
  • A business coach might interview a bookkeeper about organizing their receipts to make tax time go smoother. It’s not something you do with your clients but you’re helping them run their business.

Another benefit of interviewing another expert on a live video, if the person you’re interviewing has a large social media following you get introduced to their audience. The person being interviewed gets an introduction to your audience. And your audience gets great value with new knowledge and information.

It’s a win-win-win situation.

Share Key Takeaways From A Book

The third way to show off your expertise is to talk about a book written by a thought leader in your field. Share three to five takeaways that you think your audience should pay attention to and why. Conversely, you can share some sections of the book you disagree with and why.

This shows your audience that you’re keeping up to date in your field, continually updating your skills. Some of the thought leader’s prestige gets rubbed off on to you.

What to know more?

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