Repurpose your content and create a Social media bomb

Create great content then repurpose it all over the web is the key to content marketing
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Much of social media and online marketing can be described as “content marketing”. This is the process of creating informative, helpful, entertaining or engaging “content” as a means to attract prospects to your business, getting those prospects to know, like and trust you, then staying in front of these people until they are ready to buy from you.

What is content?

A blog post (like this one), a video, an audio, photographs, infographics – anything that communicates.

The idea of a social media bomb (a concept created by Dreamgrow Digital) is that you take one great idea and turn it into a variety of media that you spread over a wide range of social tools. This way you reach more people without majorly increasing your workload.

Repurpse great content all over the web to spread the word and give people a chance to know, like and trust you. This is called content marketing.
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How does this work?

Suppose there is one question you hear from your customers all the time. Create a really great blog post that answers this question. Share the blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social network you use.

Next, instead of just moving on, repurpose this article so you reach even more people and draw them into your circle.

Take that blog post and create a PowerPoint slide show based on that content and narrate it, creating a video to upload to YouTube. Now use the YouTube video to post to your blog, creating a second blog post, as well as sharing the video on all the original social media sites.

You can also take that PowerPoint slide show you created for the video and upload it to SlideShare. Take the slide show and turn it into an Infographic that you can share on Pinterest and Twitter.

Now take the slide show and ore infographic and post it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Go back to the original blog post and read it aloud to create an audio that can uploaded to iTunes.

Write a press release talking about the content from this blog post with a link back to your site.

All this activity creates a “social media bomb” that spreads your words and ideas over a much larger area. And if you ensure that each place you post this content also includes a link back to your website you’ll get more visitors from people who already have an interest in you and what you do.

Make sure at the end of each of these variations of the topic you include a “call to action”. An ideal call to action is “If you liked this article (video, slide show etc.) enter your name an email to get my free report where you’ll get a more in depth look at…” and then an opt-in for your email list.

One great idea + many versions = social media bomb

Andrea J. Stenberg

How do you repurpose your great ideas? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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