What is your brand?

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When you’re a solopreneur or small business providing a service it can be hard to define your brand or USP (unique selling proposition). What makes you different from everyone else who does the same thing? And how do you tell the world?What-is-your-personal-brand

I’ve been looking at branding of other people and many of the really successful ones have edgy, quirky or outrageous online personas.  Some of them say goofy things, some curse and swear, some are in-your-face.

These people all stand out from the crowd and sometimes I wish I could be more like that. But I can’t.

Yes, in private I can swear like a trucker when I stub my toe (my apologies to truckers who do not curse). But I can’t bring myself to do that online.

And I can’t be in-your-face, aggressive or outrageous. It’s just not me. I’m too nice.

It reminded me of a red dress I used to own. It was beautiful. It had long sleeves, a long skirt with black buttons and a belt. It looked great with pantyhose and high heels. And I looked good in it.

But I never wore it.

I felt … weird … when I wore it.

At first I thought it was because wearing a red dress kinda says, “Woohoo! Look at me!”

But I wear red t-shirts, scarves and even a really cool pair of boots. Just not that dress.


Because I’m a “cotton pants and twin set” kind of woman. I HATE panty hose. High heels are uncomfortable. I prefer my Birkenstocks or at least low heeled boots.

So that’s why I can’t be outrageous in my marketing. My marketing has to be twin set marketing. Anything else feels like that red dress.

Andrea Stenberg

What`s your personal brand? Leave a comment and tell us how you tell the world what makes you unique.

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