What to Say on Live Videos: Part 1

What to say in Live videos: Get Personal
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Getting Personal (Not Private)

Tired of being the best kept secret in your industry? Learn what to say on Live Videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn to gain visibility as well as build the know, like & trust factor with your audience.

Video has become a major driver of visibility online. The algorithms are giving video a priority. And your followers are more likely to watch video than read a written caption.

Live video even beats prerecorded video.

Studies on Facebook show that more people watch Live videos than prerecorded uploaded videos. They also watch Live videos longer … even when they’re watching the replay. So its well worth your time to create Live rather than prerecorded video.

One of the main reasons Live video performs better is it seems more authentic. It’s real, raw and people know anything can happen. Prerecorded videos, when they’re too “perfect” feel like commercials. And no one wants to watch a commercial.

Live videos are easier to create

Even better, Live videos are easier for you to produce. No need for multiple retakes to make it “perfect” and you don’t need to learn how to edit your videos. Just press “go live” and start speaking.

There are three types of videos you need to to grow your business on social media. Videos to let people get to know the person behind the business, videos to show off your expertise and let people see you as a thought leader and finally videos to show off your business and let people see how to buy from you.

In the video below I talk about the first type of video and the importance of getting personal (not private) on your Live Videos so people can get to know you.

While I know a lot of entrepreneurs shy away from getting personal it’s a key part of growing with video. When you get personal you let your future customers see that you’re a real live person, not just an anonymous business on the internet.

They get to know you, get a taste for your personality. It gives them a chance to see how you’re similar to them.
All this starts the process of building know, like & trust.

If you sell a service – particularly if it’s related to health, money, business or children – people need to really trust you before you buy.

Getting personal starts that process.

And to practice what I preach, during the video I introduce you to my lockdown pets.

Do you get personal in any of your videos? What do you talk about to let people get to see the person behind the business? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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