Create These 3 Videos For Your Website

3 Videos to create for your website
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You need videos for your website

Video on your website helps you build know, like & trust because it lets visitors virtually look you in the eye. They can see your face, hear your voice and experience your enthusiasm and expertise.

Video helps you get found on Google. Websites with video are 41% more likely to show up on page one of a search. When was the last time you looked at page 2 of a search?

So where should you start?

Using video as a basis for your blog posts is an obvious way to start. Every new blog post is a new page on your website and a new opportunity for you to be discovered.

Blog posts with a keyword-rich title and great copy can help you show up in a Google search. Pair it with a video on the same topic and you’re a winner! Especially if the video is embedded from YouTube (which is owned by Google in case you’ve forgotten).

Types of videos for your blog

Create a video that teaches something related to your expertise. In the above video I talk about three types of teaching (with examples) – how to, strategy and high level knowledge.

How-to Videos

A “how-to” video is pretty obvious. Create a video where you walk people through, step-by-step tutorial. Take one part of what you do and break it down into easy to follow steps.

Tutorials help your viewers see that not only are you saying you’re an expert, but you’re showing them how much you know. They get a nice, low-risk chance to see what it’s like to work with you.

How-to also valuable for getting new visitors to your website. People are often Googling how to solve specific problems. If your blog post plus accompanying video answers their query it increases the chance you’ll show up in their search.

For example, I might create a screen capture video walking you how to edit a video using VEED.IO. It’s very detailed and specific type of training.

An Instagram coach might walk someone through how to create a carousel post using Canva.

A parenting coach might do a training teaching how to prepare vegetables your child will actually eat.

Strategy Videos

In creating a strategy video for your blog you’re not giving a step-by-step tutorial. In this case you’re giving them the thoughts behind the strategy. You can and should give examples of how to apply the strategy but you’re not walking them through the entire process as you are in a How-to video.

A business coach might talk about some of the ways their clients might grow their email list. A realtor might talk about how staging your home increases the selling price of your home.

Focus on the strategy, not the implementation.

Thought Leadership Videos

3 videos to make for your website

Create high-level videos that educate your viewers about your industry.

Think about what someone needs to know, understand and believe before they can even think about hiring you.

A business coach might talk about how and why accountability (in the form of a coach) makes entrepreneurs reach their goals faster.

A realtor might talk about the advantages of hiring a realtor over selling your home yourself.

A graphic designer might talk about how colour on a web page influences conversions.

Thank You Page Videos For Your Lead Magnet

The second type of video is for your thank you pages – both for your lead magnets (your free things) and your paid products and services.

The thank you page video for your lead magnet does three things. This video:

  • Starts the nurturing process because they can see and hear you. They’re starting to get to know you, not just your lead magnet
  • Helps your subscriber understand what’s coming next. You can explain how they get the free thing they requested, how often will they hear from you, how to join your Facebook group, or whatever other piece of information you want to give them.
  • Encourages them to actually use the free thing. Tons of people sign up for a lead magnet then never really dive in. I know you’ve done it! I have too. Take a moment to point them to one particular feature of the lead magnet and how it will help them get the result they’re looking for.

Create videos to Answer FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are questions you most commonly get asked just before someone becomes a customer? Create videos to answer those questions. It can make the viewer feel more confident about taking the next step with you.

For example, one of the students in my Stand Out Live Video course is a massage therapist. New clients who have never visited a massage therapist wonder what to wear and whether they need to be naked during a massage. For some people, this worry might stop them from booking. A video answering that question eases their fears.

Your About Me Page Video

You can have the best sales page in the world, In talks about the client’s pain. It show cases the benefits of your product or service. It answers all their objections.

And yet, before they reach into their wallet to buy, some people will need to know more about you.

That’s where you’re About Me page comes in.

It’s about getting them to know, like & trust you enough that they feel comfortable enough to buy from you (and not your competition).

An About Me video is a great way to accomplish that. They get to see your face, hear your voice and get a feel for you as a person, not just a business.

Editing Video

If you’re planning on repurposing live videos or just want to get them right you’ll need some software to edit your videos. I’ve just started playing around with an online editing tool called VEED.IO.

I haven’t used all the features yet but there’s a few that I can highly recommend.

VEED.IO can automatically create captions for your videos. The transcription is pretty darned good compared to others I’ve used and you can customize the appearance.

Another great feature is it can clean up the audio of your videos automatically. I recorded a video using my new omni directional microphone which records great audio but it will pick up all the background noise. I’d forgotten to close my window so there was street noise in the recording. I thought I was going to have to redo the video.

Instead, I uploaded to VEED.IO and had it remove the background noise. Wow! It did a great job.

Are you video ready?

Would you like some feedback on whether you’re video ready? Or maybe you’ve done some videos for your business but you want to know where your gaps and opportunities lie.

If so, sign up for a free Video Marketing Assessment. You and I will hop on Zoom and discuss your goals, your marketing and your videos. You’ll leave the 30-minute call with at least 3 action steps to move you closer to your goals.

Why is this free? Because I know I can offer you great value. If you get a chance to talk with me and see where your opportunities lie, there’s a good chance you’ll want to pay me to work with you further.

But if now’s not the right time, no harm, no foul. We’ll have a great call and part as friends.

Just use the form below to sign up now!

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