Facebook Groups vs Fan Pages – Which Should You Have?

Facebook Groups vs Pages
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Facebook Groups differ from Fan Pages (also called Business Pages or just Pages) in a number of key ways. When you create a Group, it is associated with your personal profile. This is a bit of a problem for people who are trying to keep their personal and professional lives separate on Facebook.

Groups allow more conversation between members as everyone’s posts go to the same place. Additionally, notifications from Groups are more easily seen by members than are posts by a Page. As a results, having a Group can give you more visibility among members.

However, the key component of a Group is fostering community.

Pages are your business’s presence on Facebook. They can be in your business name. When you run Facebook ads, they come from your Page, not your Groups or Profiles.

One key point to remember is you don’t own your Group or Page – Facebook does. Therefore, you don’t want all your eggs in a Facebook marketing basket. Part of your marketing strategy should be to get people off Facebook and onto your website and/or email list.

If you want to know more about Facebook Groups vs Pages watch this interview I had with Leigh Fowler. Leigh was kind enough to share her experience and knowledge about using Facebook for marketing and growing a business.

Here’s the Confident Content Creators Club Leigh mentions in the interview.

Do you have experiences with managing a Facebook Group or Page? Have a question we didn’t answer? Leave a comment below. If you have a question I’ll see if I can get Leigh to visit and respond.

Facebook Groups vs Fan Pages

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