How (and why) this Boomer Launched a Dental Tourism Business

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Welcome to Episode 1 of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur Podcast. In this new project of mine, I will be interviewing small business owners about how and why they run their businesses. My hope is that by hearing about what others are doing with their businesses, you’ll be inspired to try new things and motivated to reach new heights in your own business.

In this episode I am speaking with Jeffrey Apton. Like many of the interesting business people I know but have never met in person, Jeff and I met on LinkedIn. He has launched a business in an industry I had never heard of: dental tourism. When he told me what he was doing, I knew he was the perfect choice for the launch of the new podcast.

During our conversation, Jeff shared how he stumbled upon the idea, why he got started and what he needed to do to get this business up and running. And of course, I asked him about how he markets the business.

I enjoyed talking with Jeff and I think you’ll enjoy listening to our conversation. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably think of at least three names of people who need his services. If you do, send them to Jeff’s website,

Andrea J. Stenberg

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