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I was a guest on Video Marketing Madness with Steve Sleeper and Ray the video guy – the audio is embedded below or you can listen here.

Highlights of what we talked about:

We chatted about video on Facebook – it’s competing with YouTube as a marketing tool. Facebook video ads are very cost effective.

[bctt tweet=”Video on Facebook – it’s competing with YouTube as a marketing tool”]

How to use Facebook to promote small mom & pop local businesses. Local businesses can band together with other local businesses to cross promote each other. If you go into a local business they’ll often talk to you about other businesses you might want to frequent. They should be doing the same thing on Facebook – everybody wins.

LinkedIn is more than an online resume – it’s a marketing platform. And publishing blog posts on LinkedIn’s publishing platform increases your exposure and establishes you as an expert.

Pinterest is a surprising tool for SEO and driving traffic to your website. Create a board and pins using keywords and have each pin link back to your website.

Ninja tip: Combine LinkedIn and Facebook by downloading your LinkedIn contacts and uploading the email addresses to Facebook to create a custom audience.

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