What To Post On LinkedIn

What to share on LinkedIn
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What to Share on LinkedIn

The first question I get from clients is, “What should I post to LinkedIn?”

We entrepreneurs are attracted to LinkedIn because we’re not expected to share photos of our lunch or our pets. Sure, we eat lunch and love our pets but we don’t want to share that with our colleagues and customers. We want to be professional.

So back to the question: what to post as status updates?

Your goal with your posts is to show clients (past, present and future) that you’re knowledgeable, professional and an expert in your field as well as reminding them what you do.

Here are some of the types of posts you can share:

Industry News

Whenever there are changes in your industry that your customers need to know, share that information as a status update. This can include changes in legislation and shakeups in your industry. Let your clients know you are up-to-date with the latest in your field.

Helpful Resources

Share links to interesting articles, “how-to” tips, YouTube videos and advice. These can be directly related to your field or just items you know your clients need. For example a business coach could share an article about tax tips for small businesses.

What to share on LinkedIn

These types of posts establish you as a thought leader and ensure your connections look forward to your updates. When they see your name and face in their home stream you want them thinking, “I have to look at this!”

Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog for your business share new posts on LinkedIn. Include the title, a short reason why people should read it and a link.

Articles Where You’re Quoted

These types of updates do two things – establish you as a thought leader and boost your credibility.

Inspirational Quotes

Not everyone likes these but some people do. If your audience falls into this category an inspirational quote once or twice a week can work, particularly if it’s an image quote.

New Clients or Projects

Brag about landing a new client. It reminds people what you do. You don’t even have to use the client’s name: “Just started with a new coaching client. Looking forward to helping her double her business this year.”

I once posted that I was prepping for a Facebook workshop I was giving later in the week. I got a reply from someone asking if I could help him get his business on Facebook. It resulted in a new client. You need to realize that even if you think your connections know what you do, they probably don’t or have forgotten.


When your client achieves a great result brag about it. If you have permission, use their name. If not just mention the type of client and the results. It helps remind people what you do and gives them an idea what to expect if they hire you.


If you’re using LinkedIn to promote your business, don’t forget to promote your business. Talk about a specific product or service, mention a sale you’re having, remind people about an upcoming free webinar. Don’t overdo it or people will mute your posts. But occasionally making a direct mention of your products and services are okay, if you’ve been posting other types of content regularly.


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