Think & Grow Rich for Women with Sharon Lechter

Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance by Sharon Lechter
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In another episode of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur t.v. I had the pleasure of interviewing best-selling author Sharon Lechter about her new book Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance.

In this book Sharon includes the same chapters as Napoleon Hill did in his classic original. However, she interviewed over 300 contemporary women to use their stories, experiences and quotes to explain Hill’s principals to a modern female audience.

“While the steps to success may be the same for men and women,” Sharon said, “we tend to approach them very differently.”

In this video we talked about Sharon’s quote, “To worry is to pray for what you do not want” and how this applies to Hill’s principals of success.

Sharon also explained how important it is to brand yourself as a knowledge expert, similar to what Hill discussed about the importance of specialized knowledge.

Hill coined the term “mastermind” and we discussed how that is just as important today. Women often already use an informal mastermind of girlfriends but a formalized approach can yield even better results.

We also discussed how decision is the opposite of procrastination. I struggle with this vice and it was good to hear how to beat it.

Finally, Sharon spoke about her final chapter, one that was not included in Hill’s original. What I liked best about this is how Sharon said that the idea of a balanced life – and the guilt women put ourselves through trying to achieve it – is a false idea. Balance means standing still and we want to keep moving forward. Some days we’ll work too long in our business and neglect our families; some days we’ll play hooky and spend the day at the beach. “If you don’t like the decisions you made yesterday, make new ones today,” is Sharon’s prescription for dealing with the lack of balance.

If you liked Napoleon Hill’s original book, you will love Sharon Lechter’s version. It’s a definite must for any success library.

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