Time Management – Take Control of Your To Do List

Time Management - control your to-do list
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As entrepreneurs we always have more on our “to do” list than we have time for. That’s why I was so excited when Lisa Mallis agreed to come on a HOA and share her tips and strategies for managing your time. Lisa combines her experience as a teacher and direct sales with her love of schedules, systems and all things time management to create System Savvy Consulting.

I think her tip about delegation is one that I especially needed to hear. As I mention in the interview, I think most entrepreneurs are on some level control freaks. That’s why we started our own business – so we could be in control. Delegating tasks and letting go can be hard. I know it is for me.

Another reason delegation can be hard is many of us – particularly solopreneurs or those just starting out – feel that they can’t afford to hire help. I sure is one of my stumbling blocks. But Lisa has a great answer to this.

She pointed out that if you normally earn $100/hr why are you updating your website if you can hire a VA to do it for $30/hr? The VA will probably do it faster any way, then you can go out and engage in revenue-generating activities. Such a good point.

Do watch the video to hear all Lisa has to say about time management.

Here is the direct link for Lisa’s 30 Day Challenge http://systemsavvyconsulting.com/join-the-a-w-e-challenge/

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