Five Entrepreneurs Share How They Use LinkedIn to Grow Their Business

How Entrepreneurs Use LinkedIn to Grow their Business
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Many people consider LinkedIn as an online version of their resume. If you’re a business owner or consultant and you’re thinking about LinkedIn this way you are missing out on a powerful opportunity to grow and gain new clients.

I asked some people in my network how they’re using LinkedIn. Here are their answers:

Joining Groups

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over 10 years, but didn’t start to really get any value out of it until I joined some groups specific to my target audience. I now have the opportunity to network with potential clients and referral sources on a daily and weekly basis.

Janet Barclay,

Keeping in Touch

I love LinkedIn. First, I positioned myself for success. Second I reached out to others to connect. Finally, I have made sure I keep in touch with my connections. My actions have resulted in having people come to me and wanting to be my client, speaking opportunities, interview and joint venture opportunities.

Kare Anderson, Helping Women Entrepreneurs Position Themselves As The Authority In Their Industry

Hosting a Group

By far the feature on LinkedIn that has, and continues, to help me build my business is hosting my own group, Adventures in Visibility for Authors and Entrepreneurs. Having the opportunity to interact, discuss and share content with people who have chosen to be in the group, automatically accelerates our relationship and has generated new clients over time.

Denise Wakeman, Adventures in Visibility for Authors & Entrepreneurs


LinkedIn allows me to see what people are posting about to give me insights into their business needs. As a result, I am able to follow up and close sales worth thousands.

Susan Varty, HeadStart Social Inc.

How I Use LinkedIn

One of my favourite tips is to invite my connections for a “virtual cup of coffee”. We get on the phone, Skype, Google Hangout and just get to know each other. I don’t try to pitch to them – it’s just an opportunity to learn about them and their business. And of course, it gives them a chance to get to know me.

These virtual cup of coffee meetings have lead to great business relationships – guest spots on webinars, cross promotional opportunities, referrals and new business. It is one of the best marketing tools I have.

Andrea Stenberg, 4 Ways to Quickly Get More Clients From Social Media

How about you? How do you use LinkedIn? Please leave a comment and share your best tips.


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