The Law of Attraction Strikes Again

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Recently I made a decision to consciously use the Law of Attraction to increase my income. Even though I teach this stuff, I still occasionally need to remind myself to put it into action. I set some goals for the type of income I want and the places I wanted that income to come from. Once of my goals is to do more speaking engagements.

As part of this goal, I’ve been working with a team of local marketing professionals to create a full day marketing workshop called Brand Camp. We’ve been meeting weekly for several months to germinate this idea then work together to implement it.

As the workshop date neared, we started planning what we’d like to do next. Last week we declared a goal of taking our workshop and presenting it in other nearby cities. We hashed out some ideas of where we’d like to present and how we’d market ourselves to achieve this goal.

Less than 24 hours after we set this goal, we were contacted by two people from a nearby city (the same city) about bringing Brand Camp to their town! The same day, I received a call from the coordinator of a conference in yet another city. She’d heard about me and wanted to hire me. In the week since we set that goal, I’ve been asked to speak to a group in Toronto, had an inquiry about advertising on this site, set up a meeting with the mayor and Brand Camp has been asked to set up a second local date.

Thank you Law of Attraction!

Now if you’re read some of my other posts about the Law of Attraction, you know I’m not one of those people who thinks just setting an intention will activate the Law of Attraction. It takes a little more.

How did the Law of Attraction work in this case?

  1. I created a written goal. It’s a goal I truly want to achieve; it’s not something I think I should want.
  2. I committed to achieving the goal. This step is the key to the Law of Attraction. Until you can say, “I’m going to make this happen, even if I’m not quite sure how yet,” you’ve made a wish not a goal.
  3. I shared my goal. In this case part of the goal was working with my Brand Camp colleagues to get our workshop on the road. In any case, publicly stating your goal – even if it’s only to a trusted colleague – adds power to your intention.
  4. I created a plan for how to achieve the goal.
  5. I took concrete steps to move closer to the goal.

The really great thing about the Law of Attraction is when you take these steps, often the universe steps in to help you along. Instead of steadily following your plan to achieve your goal, a shortcut drops in your lap. Even though I believe in the Law of Attraction and teach workshops about it, it still freaks me out a little each time it happens.

But it’s really fun when reaching a goal happens easily; when you can skip some of the hard work because an opportunity just lands in your lap. Not only that, but when the Law of Attraction steps in to give you a helping hand, you get energized. You’re ready to take on more goals, reach new heights. It’s a snowball effect.

Andrea J. Stenberg

Do you have a story about how the Law of Attraction helped you reach your goals? Please leave a comment and tell us what happened.

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