How to Use Instagram Reels to Grow Your Business

video marketing expert Andrea Stenberg records an Instagram Reel using her smartphone
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Instagram Reels are fun to watch, easy to create and gets tons of reach, views and engagement. But they’re not just for fun and games. You can and should be using Instagram Reels to grow your business.

When creating Instagram Reels to promote your business you need to really stay on brand if you want to attract future customers.

This means don’t follow a bunch of random trends or memes just because other people are doing it.You may get lots of views but if they’re people who will never buy from you, what good is it?

Instead, think about what your ideal client worries about, dreams about or wants to know. Add a dash of your personal brand and you’ve got the recipe for a Reel that speaks to your ideal client.

They may not go viral, but they will catch the eyes and ears of your ideal customers. 

Here are some examples of Instagram Reels for business done right.

1. Screen Capture Tutorial

This works particularly well for software demos but could also be used to show off a blog post or explain how to use your online calendar. demonstrates how to duplicate yourself in a video using Inshot.

2. Answer an FAQ

Businesses have been placing FAQs (frequently asked question) on their websites for years for a reason. These are questions people need answered before they can make the decision to become a customer. 

Instead of plain, boring text, turn your FAQs into Reels. Bonus marks if you add this Reel to your website’s FAQ page.

You can expand on the answer in the caption. Include a call to action there as well. What step do you want potential clients to take?

In this Reel by @its.hildes she offers a great answer to why she focuses on sales exercises in her program.

3. Solve a problem

Car dealership @luckydog_motors_inc solves the problem of how to get into a truck if you’re not tall. Funny and helpful! Even if you’re tall, you’ll get a kick out of this Reel.

4. Contrarian Statement

A contrarian statement is something that goes against the common wisdom of your field. It piques curiosity and can get you viewers and maybe comments.

I created this Reel because I got tired of young, beautiful entrepreneurs telling the rest of us to be “natural” in our videos and stop wearing makeup. It’s fine if you’re 25 but doesn’t really work if you’re menopausal.

This Reel got more than 10 times the views of the videos I posted just before and just after, I suspect because of the contrarian statement in the title.

5. Showcase Your Work

If you sell a physical product you can show it off in the Reel. It can be video of you creating the product, of someone using it or explaining it’s features while showing it off. Or you can add a collection of still photos like this example.

Photographer @nataliekristeenphotography has a Reel titled “You haven’t hired a professional photographer yet?” that really shows off her work. Why would anyone not hire her?

6. How to Video

Create a Reel where you teach something quick and easy your views can accomplish today.

Copywriter @deleesh has created a series of Reels called Dead Words to Replace in Your Vocab. 

I love these Reels because they really show off her expertise, are easily actionable and the video encourages the viewer to read the caption. Even better, the caption drives people to her lead magnet. Bravo!

7. Share Tools You Use

I love this type of post. It gives people a chance to peek behind the curtain and see how you do things. It’s particularly great if you’re sharing tools that the viewers could use as well.

Business coach @thebraypartnership has a fabulous Reel called 10 Free Tools to Streamline Your Online Business. Unlike similar Reels, hers goes slowly enough that you can actually read each tool. And of course, she repeats them in the caption with a Call to Action reminding people to save the post so they can refer back.

How About You?

Do you have an example (your own or someone else) of great Instagram Reels to grow your business? Leave the link in the comments.

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