Filming a Video For Your business? Your Video Background Matters

choosing a background for your videos
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When recording a video in your home office your video background matters.

But what if you don’t have the space (or the budget) to create a dedicated studio for recording your videos? In this video I share some simple tips for making sure your background works so your message can shine through.

Part of my strategy with video marketing for expert entrepreneurs is to focus on your message, not your tech.

It’s far more important for people to see your face, hear your enthusiasm for you topic and hear your expertise and knowledge.

That said, while choosing the right background for your videos won’t make or break the video, a really horrible one won’t help.

Don’t believe me? At about 39 second of the video below I pop on screen one of the first webinars I ever made, back when webinars were a bit of a rarity. It is truly horrific! I don’t know how anyone was able to pay attention to what I was saying with such a horrible background.

On the other hand, the fact that that old webinar achieved results proves it’s the message that’s the most important piece of your videos.

Some of the tips I share in this video for choosing the right background include:

  • Making sure the background isn’t too cluttered
  • Totally blank walls are okay in a pinch but not necessarily the best choice
  • Don’t stand with the light source behind you
  • Going outside can provide an interesting background as long as you don’t get interrupted by geese or a neighbour’s lawn mower.
  • A background that’s not too busy but does have some visual interest will often work.

In the video below I not only talk about each of these tips but demonstrate them as well..

I’d love your thoughts. Leave a comment and tell me what type of background you prefer when filming videos or when watching other people’s videos.

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