Live Video Intro Mistakes That Cost Views

A woman slapping her forehead because she made mistakes in her video that is costing her views
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Going live helps you gain visibility, show off your expertise and generate leads for your business.

But only if people actually watch your videos!

It’s important to remember that video marketing (and in fact all marketing) is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s the difference between farming and hunting. You plant sees today and harvest them down the road.

However, if you are making these live video intro mistakes they are costing you views.

Remember, online, people have the attention span of a goldfish. If you don’t capture their attention, ignite their curiosity and convince them that what follows is of value, they’ll click away and watch someone else’s video.

You can watch my video here or scroll down and read about the three mistakes and how to fix them.

Live Video Intro Mistake #1. Waiting to Start

The biggest live video intro mistakes coaches, consultants and anyone make is waiting for people to show up live before going into your presentation.

Woman holding a clock looking around because she's waiting for people to show up for her livestream rather than just getting started.

Even if you have tens of thousands of followers, the vast majority of your viewers will be after the fact, on the replay.

No one wants to come to the replay and have to wait for 30 seconds or more of dead air. If someone is really interested in the topic they might skip ahead but most people will just click away.

On a webinar where people have paid with money or their email address you can get away with a bit of waiting, asking people to post where they’re from, telling the audience people are still joining.

But on a livestream (even a replay) people expect instant gratification.

What’s the solution?

As soon as you see the “Live” notification start talking. Go straight into your presentation and start providing value. Instantly give people a reason to keep watching.

You want the start of your video to be so compelling that someone scrolling on Facebook or LinkedIn will want to keep watching your video.

Mistake #2. Introducing Yourself Too Soon

Just like you don’t want dead air at the beginning of your video you don’t want a long introduction. It may sound counterintuitive but let me explain.

Woman holding the word me and pointing to herself. She more interested in telling the world about herself than sharing value which is a common live video intro mistake.

If someone comes to your live video because they’re already following you or they came from your email list, they already know who you are.

Don’t waste their time with a long winded introduction about yourself and your qualifications. THEY DON’T CARE! They’re there to get the value you promised with the title of the video. Give it to them right away!

If someone who doesn’t know you discovers your live video, they don’t want a long introduction about you either. They don’t know who you are and don’t care, yet.

Give them value. Let then see your face, hear your voice and learn about the value your provide. Earn their interest and attention. Then, towards the end of the video you can do a short bio.

Mistake #3. Not Offering the Benefit Right Away

Just as you want to have a title for your Live video that shows what the benefit is for the viewer, your first 15 to 60 seconds needs to reinforce that benefit. Repeat the title or some variation of it. Then tease some of the content to evoke curiosity and make people want to keep watching.

For example, “Today I’m sharing 3 ways to achieve X and the 2nd way will surprise you” or “#3 is a little controversial”. You can also say “stay until the end because I have a special gift/resource for you”.

The key is to make it clear to the viewer that it’s worth their time to continue watching.

Naturally, if your making a promise in your introduction, you had better deliver if you want people to come back to your next video. Don’t say “#3 is controversial” if it’s not.

Your turn. What have you seen people do at the beginning of their live videos that makes you click away? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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