Get Social with Blogging Boomers Carnival #113

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I suspect I’m like a lot of baby boomers who use social media regularly. I’m comfortable with the various tools and platforms, but I still get a kick out of the entire concept. I have built business and personal relationships with a large number of people from all over the world: other parts of Canada, all over the U.S. as well as Great Britain, Australia and many more. And yet, I’ve never actually met most of these people. For many of my virtual friends, I’ve never even spoken on the phone.

How have I built these virtual relationships? By taking the time to participate in social media – reading blog posts, making comments, connecting with people on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Over time, I’ve gotten to “know” people by reading what they have to say and taking part in the conversation. It’s not a process that happens over night, but over time I’ve gotten to know some really fabulous people.

One of the ways I’ve met new people is through being a member of The Blogging Boomers Carnival. This blog carnival has allowed me to get to know the other bloggers in the Carnival as I’ve read their posts and learned about who they are. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting new readers of The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur who have been kind enough to take the time to leave comments here and start the conversation.

I encourage you to use this carnival as a way to start a conversation with each of the bloggers represented. Read their posts. If you find them interesting, provocative or entertaining, leave a comment. Then join the conversation; subscribe to their RSS feed so you can go back for more. Then follow them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, connect on LinkedIn, bookmark them on Delicious.

John at has an interesting look at boomer relationships. He’s written: The “first love machine” was launched to break the ice when the first Baby Boomers reached 19 years of age…and…boomers continue to use technology to enhance their love relationships.

Remember the hit Broadway show ‘A Chorus Line’? It’s about 35 years old now. Read about a new film that shows how the play originally was created, from Rhea Becker At the Boomer Chronicles.

Here’s a tribute to a courageous advocate for free speech and press in schools and libraries from Cynthia at Don’t Gel Too Soon.

The Glam Gals from Fabulous after 40, answer the #1 question that women over 40 want to know…How do you dress to hide your midlife tummy?

Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut explains why she believes Twitter is the most important marketing revolution of our lifetime and cites some interesting examples of how those in the travel industry have been forced to adopt Twitter or suffer the consequences.

LifeTwo contributor Dating Goddess has published a series of books representing the complete guide for those dating again in midlife. LifeTwo has a Podcast interview about the books covering “pre-dating:” what it takes to jump into the pool again.

Somebody found the Midlife Crisis Queen’s website by googling “How to love a 50 year old man” and Laura Lee thought what a great writing prompt!  How do we do that?

Ann at Contemporary Retirement did her first round of retirement coach training with Retirement Options.  This week she features an article by Dr Richard Johnson, the founder of Retirement Options, about the future of retirement:

Curious about Facebook?  So, was Dina at This Marriage Thing.  Learn why Facebook is big with boomers and how to get started.

The eternal optimist, Janet Wendy at Gen Plus, just can’t help but pointing out the silver lining in the doom and gloom economic shadow.

And if you missed it, I’ve written a three part series about Getting Banned on Facebook.

Read on my friends!

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